1-picI’m a sixth generation West Virginian and always enjoyed the outdoors as a kid and often went hiking, camping, fishing as my main outdoor pursuits.  As I grew older and graduated college, my interests expanded into a myriad of outdoor activities.  Today I spend the majority of my outdoor time hunting, fly fishing, canoeing, hiking, and shooting firearms.  I am a former licensed outdoor guide and the founder of Soaring Eagles Adventures, which specialized in guided Bald Eagle Canoe Tours. After suffering a knee injury, I was forced to shut down the business.  I am a father to five beautiful children and do my best to instill a love of the outdoors in all of my children. I believe the outdoors and nature helps to eliminate the stress from our modern lifestyle. I personally suffered burnout in my previous career and found relief whenever I was in the outdoors, and it is from these experiences that I started The Outdoor Podcast four years ago.

I am fortunate to have 5 articles published by Self Reliance Illustrated  Magazine, enjoy life as an outdoor guide, as well as introduce hundreds of people to the outdoors.  I’m glad that you are here and look forward to sharing adventures with you in the future.

My original site that included 4 years worth of blogs and podcast episodes was recently hijacked by my hosting company when they terminated the product that I was using.  I have recovered some of the content from the old site;  however, none of the actual .mp3 podcasts were saved, so I will have to manually uploaded all of the podcasts again.  At this time, I may save time by just uploading a top 10 favorite podcasts.  For the time being, my focus is on improving the new site and creating fresh new content for you the listener.

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